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How much does it cost to publish my game at Bigpoint.com?

Nothing! It is absolutely free to publish a game with Bigpoint.com. The integration and support for the game, however, you have to take care of yourself.

How many players can I reach?

Bigpoint currently has over 140 million registered users you can reach with your game.

How can I earn money with my game on the Bigpoint.com portal?

At Bigpoint, all the games are free to play, but the user can choose to buy goods in the games. Thanks to these micro transactions, you can earn money with your game.

Which revenue model applies to DevLounge Games?

The 70 to 30 revenue share model is applied in the DevLounge. That means that transaction costs for the payment methods will be subtracted from the revenue your game generates. You keep 70 percent of the remaining profit, and the other 30 percent goes to Bigpoint. Please note: If you plan to earn money with your game, you must also respect the national tax regulations in place in your country (July 2010).

Which payment systems does Bigpoint use?

Bigpoint makes over 120 payment methods from across the world available to you, including: credit card, transfer, debit and text message payment (July 2010).

In which languages can I publish my game with Bigpoint?

The Bigpoint portal is currently available in over 20 different languages, and more are in the works. You can offer your game in any of these languages. Please note: if you want to integrate a game in a particular language, you must provide it to us already localized.

Can I embed advertisement into my game?

No, the users who registered via the Bigpoint portal should not be shown any advertisement in your game. Please delete any advertisement from the game version you are publishing at Bigpoint. We would like to present our users with content that has been approved by our quality assurance (QA) team only. This way we can ensure the quality that our users expect from us and ensure compliance with our terms and conditions. If there is external advertising in your game or in your forum, we cannot upkeep these quality standards.

Technical Requirements

What types of games can I publish at Bigpoint.com via the Devlounge?

Our system currently supports browser and client games.

Which interfaces are available?

To communicate with your game, you can use either XML-RPC or JSON-RPC. You can choose which of the two standards you wish to use for yourself.

Do I have to have programming knowledge in order to publish my game at Bigpoint.com?

Yes, solid programming knowledge is absolutely essential in order to implement the APIs. You must also be well versed in XML RPC or JSON RPC. More information on JSON-RPC can be found here 1) and information on XML-RPC can be found here 2).

How do I integrate my game at Bigpoint.com?

You must ensure that a user who reaches your game via the Bigpoint portal be automatically logged in (single sign-on, SSO). To do so, you must integrate the portal API according to the documentation provided. If you need a payment system, you must also integrate the payment API. Explanations and help on this topic can be found in the relevant documentation, which is freely available without registration. 3) You must also upload additional graphics, screenshots, banners and teasers. These will be used for your game’s landing page on our portal.

Can I offer my already integrated game outside of the Bigpoint portal as well?

Yes, the registration and login can be integrated on your own game landing page outside of the Bigpoint portal via iFrames. These iFrames allow you to market your game yourself without having to deprive yourself of the benefits provided by our sophisticated payment system and our user administration.

Will Bigpoint host my game?

No, the game will remain on your servers and the users simply transferred from the Bigpoint portal to your game. Please make sure that you have enough capacity and are ready for when your game community expands and your user traffic grows.

Is it possible to test the performance of my game before it is published?

Yes, you can take your time and test everything to see if the API implementation was successful. Who can I go to when I have questions or problems during my game’s integration onto the portal? The DevLounge provides its own wiki for support. Here you can post all of your questions regarding the implementation of your game and receive help quickly. You can also share ideas with other developers.

Do I have the ability to setup my game on different servers?

Yes, you may enter as many instances as you like, for example one for each language.

Is it possible to publish only a part of my game, for example a game world?

Yes, it is possible. Our users are however not allowed to come into contact with worlds that do not belong to the Bigpoint portal through your game. The game world must therefore be closed.

Does my game absolutely need a payment system?

No, a payment system is not required. It is definitely possible to integrate free games without a payment system.

May I use my own payment system?

No, only the payment systems offered by Bigpoint are allowed. If you have already integrated your own payment system, you must deactivate it for Bigpoint-generated users. This is the only way we can guarantee security and quality to our users. It is also to your advantage – the users can use the Bigpoint system they already know and trust.

Legal Requirements

Who owns the copyrights to my game after I publish it at Bigpoint.com?

All copyrights remain yours.

Am I allowed to install my game on other portals after it has been published with Bigpoint.com?

Yes, of course. As the copyright holder you have unlimited distribution rights to your game.

Who is allowed to complete the registration?

The registration will make you a contractual partner, so the registration must be completed by an authorized member of your company.


What data am I allowed to receive from the users and what data can I ask for?

You receive a user ID from Bigpoint when a user is forwarded to your game and you are allowed to ask for the username. Further requests for user data is prohibited for privacy reasons. Please note that you are not allowed to link your game to any external registration areas.

Protection of Minors

Which minor protection policies do I have to observe in my game?

Legal regulation regarding the protection of minors as defined in the German Protection of Minors Act (JuSchG) must be complied with, especially section 3 § 14, which regulates the rating of films, games and other forms of entertainment.

The Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors (JMStV) states that children and minors must be protected from Internet presences that may compromise or harm children’s development. The current amendment of the JMStV states that telemedia providers such as Bigpoint or a Devlounge partner can classify their own online games with an age limit or recommendation. Using minor protection programs, parents can choose which websites their children are allowed to access based on age classes.

Our younger users are really important to us here at Bigpoint. Since the mid August 2010, the entire platform has been assigned age recommendations or limits, despite the fact that this will not be required by law until January 1, 2011. You can also define a minimum age for your game in the Devlounge. As a DevLounge partner, you will have the possibility to use a self classification tool provided by the USK, Germany’s software rating organization, and the FSM, a voluntary self-regulation multimedia service provider. This is projected for January 1, 2011, and as soon as this tool is online, we will link to it. 4)

Quality Assurance

My game is completely integrated, why is it not yet online?

After you have finished integrating your game, it must be approved by the Bigpoint quality assurance team before it can go online. All of the functions and information in your game will be checked and tested in the QA area of the DevLounge. The DevLounge’s “Traffic light System” gives you a quick overview of the current status.


Not yet sent




Submitted to QA, not changeable


Accepted by QA


Rejected by QA, see comments

What are the reasons quality assurance might not accept my game?

The following games will be removed by our quality assurance team (Quality Assurance, QA):

  • Games which glorify violence
  • Games with racist or pornographic content
  • Games which violate copyrights (copied images, background stories, names, quotes, fonts or other violations)

Even once it’s been published on our portal, your game content, setting and scenarios will be regularly checked. If at any time your game does not comply with our conditions, you will be informed by e-mail and will be given the time to make the necessary changes.

Can I edit my game once it’s online?

Yes, you can. To do so, you do not need to take your game offline. However, all changes made in the DevLounge need to go through the quality assurance process.

Who provides the support for my game?

You are responsible for the support, because you are the expert for your game and know it inside out. We advise you to create a forum in which your users can post direct questions and can contact each other. You can link your forum directly to the Bigpoint portal. Experience shows that the quality of the support directly influences the popularity and success of a game. The more you take care of your players, the better chances your game has of becoming one of our top games.

Tips & Tricks

Where will my game appear on the Bigpoint.com website? Your game will have its own game landing page presented within our portal.

What can I do to present my game the best way possible?

The more attractive images and texts you have, the better your game will appear on the game landing page! These teasers should be carefully selected and uploaded onto our servers.

How can I track the success of my game on Bigpoint.com?

The DevLounge offers many ways to keep an eye on your game. Thanks to comprehensive statistics, you can see at anytime how much revenue your game is generating, how many users have registered, and how many interested gamers have visited your game landing page.

How does a user find my game on the portal?

DevLounge games are presented in a prominent position on our portal and are found through the ranking and search systems like all other games.

How do I handle payment problems?

When you have payment problems, your support employees contact Bigpoint payment support. Contact persons are assigned upon request.

How and when do I get paid?

You’ll receive your percentage of the profit on a monthly basis. Bigpoint will pay you for profit made in one month within 14 days of the 21st of the following month, as long as the sum of the payment is above €50. If the sum owed to you does not exceed this amount, it will be carried over into the following month. After 24 month all assets will be deleted. Please provide us with your bank account details so that we can transfer your money to you. There is a special section in the DevLounge where you can do this.

How much time does it take until my game is integrated?

That depends entirely on your programming knowledge and your resources. In the best case the technical integration only takes one day. Complete testing via the quality assurance team can take three to five days.

I don’t know if my game is good enough to be published here. What are the quality criteria?

The DevLounge is open to all games. There are no content-quality criteria, only the legal requirements must be met. (LINK zu What are the reasons quality assurance might not accept my game?) You must of course have the above-mentioned programming knowledge to be able to integrate the APIs (LINK zu Do I have to have programming knowledge in order to publish my game at Bigpoint.com?).

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