Portal Landing Page

A landing page is used in search engine marketing (SEM) or banner advertisements as the site the user lands on after clicking on the ad (hence the term “landing page”). The main focus of a landing page on a gaming portal is the game it represents and much effort is put into the design of this site, avoiding all factors that could take the user's attention away from signing on with the game.

A prominently placed response element (e.g. a button saying “Play Now”) is of the utmost importance for the performance of the landing page and ensures ease-of-use and simple interaction with the user.

Additional banners, screenshots or trailers can be employed to increase interest in the game and increase conversions.

Payment System

An Electronic Payment System (EPS abbr.) enables an user to make purchases online. Bigpoint uses its own payment system, developed in-house, supporting more than 120 available payment providers worldwide. Thanks to this robust system, users from many parts of the world can purchase virtual items such as currency, in-game goods and more directly from within their game.


Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) has become a very popular method of marketing with the advent of powerful search engine sites like Google or Yahoo. Optimization is done by including keywords (meta title and meta keywords) and descriptions (meta description) in the HTML source of your page, which increase its “page-rank”. Page-ranks are calculated by search engine developers using a well-kept secret algorithm. Many factors with different weighting determine the search relevance of your Landing Page attached by the search engines. But guidlines and tips how to optimize the page-rank are published regularly.

Note: SEO only applies to your Portal Landing Page not to the game itself!


An instance as understood by Bigpoint is a self-contained copy of a game-world for a specified group of players or a limited amount of players. By using instances, the load on gameservers can be more evenly distributed territories and in turn player congestion can be avoided. In the Devlounge, you can create as many instances as you like, as soon as you have sent your main instance to our QA. You can either put the different versions of your game world on these instances or make instances available to certain languages only.


In the world of advertising, teasers are used to generate attraction towards a product and should “tease” its target audience to click, read or listen to the respective teaser. Take mail advertisements as an example where the text “You may have won already - open this letter now!” is classified as a “teaser”.

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