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If you were looking for in-depth information about integrating your game using the Devlounge, you have found the right place.

Available in this wiki are explanations for all available APIs and the methods they contain, hints and snippets of code-examples and a fully featured FAQ. So feel free to browse everything that is on display here!

Should you find a certain information missing in this Wiki, please let us now: Use the contact-link at the bottom of the page to send us your feedback, so that we can improve your experience in the Devlounge.

Documentations Available

Here is a list of all available API documentations:

  • Game-API (Methods used to connect your game to the Bigpoint portal)
  • Portal-API (A toolchain containing methods for common tasks that need to be executed on Bigpoint's side)
  • Payment-API (Methods used to connect your game to Bigpoint's payment system)

For Further Reading

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